Papers accepted by ACCV 2012 Workshop on IMV will be collected in the proceeding of LNCS7729.
Accepted Papers:
The following papers are accepted by the workshop:
  Beyond Spatial Pyramid Matching: Spatial Soft Voting for Image Classification
    Toshihiko Yamasaki and Tsuhan Chen
  Detecting and Classifying Blurred Regions
    Wei Xu and Jane Mulligan
  Effcient Geometric Re-ranking for Mobile Visual Search
    Junwu Luo and Bo Lang
  An Accurate Method for Manhattan Frame Estimation and Line Detection
    Ron Tal and James Elder
  Intelligent Photographing Interface with On-device Aesthetic Quality Assessment
    Kuo-Yen Lo, Keng-Hao Liu and Chu-Song Chen
  Camera Pose Estimation of a Smartphone at a Field without Interest Points
    Ruiko Miyano, Takuya Inoue, Takuya Minagawa, Yuko Uematsu and Hideo Saito
  Hierarchical Scan Line Dynamic Programming for Optical Flow using Semi-Global Matching
    Simon Hermann and Reinhard Klette
  Hierarchical Stereo Matching Based on Image Bit-Plane Slicing
    Huei-Yung Lin and Pin-Zhi Lin
  Novel Multi-View Synthesis from a Stereo Image Pair for 3D Display on Mobile Phone
    Chen-Hao Wei, Chen-Kuo Chiang, Yu-Wei Sun, Mei-Huei Lin and Shang-Hong Lai
Camera-ready Instructions:
    To prepare the camera-ready version of your paper, you should carefully follow the final paper guidelines posted on the ACCV website, However, instead of submitting the camera-ready package in a zip file to ACCV 2012 submission website, please send the package zip file via email to before October 10, 23:59, Pacific Time. In the submission email, please put the email title: "Camera-ready paper submission to ACCV'12-IMV : ***", and replace *** by the title of your paper. Note that you are required to register to the ACCV conference before the camera-ready submission deadline. Please also include the conference registration information to the camera-ready submission email. You can find the copyright form of ACCVW-IMV from here. Please note that the file size of the camera-ready package should be less than 25MB due to the maximum attachment size limitation of Gmail. 
    In summary, you should submit the camera-ready package via email to before Oct. 10 (next Wednesday), and the email should contain the following:
  1. Email title: Camera-ready paper submission to ACCV'12-IMV : (your paper title here)
  2. Camera-ready paper package in a zip file as an attachment
  3. Your ACCV'12 conference registration information
    Upon the receipt of your email, we will send an acknowledgement email to confirm the receipt of your email as soon as possible. If you have any problems or questions about the camera-ready paper submission, please send an email to let us know as soon as possible. Thanks again for contributing to the IMV workshop.
Author Registration Policy for Camera-ready Submission:
  1. Just like the main conference paper, for each workshop paper, at least one author should register by October10th (deadline of camera ready) in regular registration category as announced in the final paper guideline
  2. As workshop papers do not have paper ID's, authors can leave the paper ID blank in the registration system. The convention agency will manually check whether each paper has at least one author registered in regular registration category.
For any questions or comments about this workshop, please contact Dr. Chu-Song Chen (