With the fast growing of hand-held computing platforms such as smart phone and tablet PC, computer vision on mobile computing devices has become a fast emerging research area. There is tremendous potential for developing computer vision techniques and applications on mobile camera computing devices. In particular, more and more mobile vision applications rely on object and scene recognition or understanding techniques. It is observable that advances in mobile visual-information analyses are closely related to cutting-edge applications in robotics, human-computer interaction, smart sensors and ubiquitous computing.

    The main goal of this workshop is to identify state-of-the-art mobile vision algorithms, systems and frameworks that are particularly suitable for intelligent visual information processing based on mobile camera computing platforms. In addition to visual information, interdisciplinary works integrating vision with additional sensors, such as GPS, accelerometer or gyroscope, or information retrieval transmitted through communication networks are also welcome. The associated methodologies and applications are expected to be able to demonstrate the advantages of advanced computer vision techniques based on mobile camera computing devices.

Relevant topics include (but not limited to) the following:

Feature extraction for mobile cameras
Motion analysis and recovery for mobile cameras
Gesture/object/location recognition with mobile cameras
Wearable camera systems and applications
3D mobile vision
Augmented reality on mobile devices
Human computer interaction with mobile devices
Computer vision applications on hand-held devices
Indexing and retrieval of images and videos for mobile devices
Multi-sensor integration for mobile vision
Hardware and embedded systems for mobile vision
Mobile vision incorporated with robot vision
Other topics related to intelligent mobile vision.
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For any questions or comments about this workshop, please contact Dr. Chu-Song Chen (Email:song@iis.sinica.edu.tw).