[Jan 06, 2017] [Dataset access]

To access NTHU-DDD dataset, please visit NTHU Driver Driwsiness Detection Dataset.

[Nov 25, 2016] [Workshop pictures released]
Download pictures
[Oct 20, 2016] [Workshop program announced]

The program of the workshop is announced in the Program page.

[Sep 19, 2016] [Copyright form for camera ready paper]

Download Copyright form for camera ready paper

[Aug 27, 2016] [Deadline extension]

The deadline for paper submission is extended to August 30.

[Aug 25, 2016] [Final results announced]
Rank Author Affliation Drowsy F1-score Nondrowsy F1-score Accuracy
1 Yong-Guk Kim Human-Computer Interaction Lab., Dept.of Computer Engineering, Sejong University, Korea 87.97% 86.91% 87.46%
2 Tun-Huai Shih Multimedia Processing Laboratory, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan 82.82% 82.38% 82.61%
3 Jie Lyu Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China 75.62% 75.17% 75.40%
4 Sanghyuk Park SLSPLab, School of Electrical Engineering, KAIST, KOREA 69.46% 66.81% 68.19%
5 Toan Hong Vu Media System Laboratory, National Central University, Taiwan 67.21% 65.44% 66.34%
6 Yn, Min-Cheng National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan 71.28% 55.52% 65.09%
7 Murtadha Dawood Hssayeni Computer Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY 64.39% 56.74% 60.94%
8 Chien-Yu Chiou Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan 66.26% 46.40% 58.59%
9 Suriya Narayanan L Texas Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. 0.00% 65.27% 48.45%
[Aug 23, 2016] [The average best accuracy of all teams for now]
[Aug 23, 2016] [The number of submissions is increased]

The number of submissions is increased to 5 times due to the deadline extension

[Aug 20, 2016] [Deadline Extension]

The deadline of detection results submission is extended to 11:59pm August 23, 2016 (Pacific Standard Time, USA), and so are other deadlines.

[Aug 5, 2016] [Testing data is released]

Testing dataset is available for download now with the same ftp accounts provided to participants when they registered to the Challenge session.

[Aug 5, 2016] [Detection result submission]

Please submit the drowsiness detection results for all videos in the testing dataset via email to skyand55@gmail.com with subject title [ACCV_DDD_Result_Submission]. The deadline of result submission is 11:59pm August 19, 2016 (Pacific Standard Time, USA).
Furthermore, during the submission period [Aug 12-19, 2016], each team can submit up to 3 test results at different times to optimize the program setting and the highest accuracy results will be used as the final result. For each submission of the test result, the accuracy will be evaluated and should be sent to the participant in 24 hours.

[Jul 20, 2016] [Dataset Updated]

1. In the original dataset, all the videos in Night_BareFace scenario and Night_Glasses scenario for subject 001 were mistakenly swapped. In this update, we swapped these video files back to the correct directories.
2. Also for subject 001, there is a missing frame in the ground truth of video "slowBlinkWithNodding" in Glasses scenario. We have modified the ground truth files for this video in this update.

[Jul 20, 2016] [Video frame rate information correction]

There is a correction on the frame rates for the videos in the dataset. The videos of Night_BareFace, Night_Glasses scenario were captured at 15 frames per second; BareFace, Glasses, Sunglasses scenario were 30 frames per second.