Chinese Name:楊皓量
English Name:Hao-Liang Yang
Grades: Master Students

Facebook:hao-liang yang


Group in CVLAB: 3D group
Interested in:deblurring, segmentation, graphcut, 3D reconstruction
Thesis:Single-Image Motion Deblurring Based on Gradient Attenuation Richardson-Lucy Algorithm
This thesis presents a novel blind image deconvolution algorithm for motion deblurring from a single blurred image. We propose a unified framework for both blur kernel estimation and non-blind image deconvolution by combining the proposed Gradient Attenuation Richardson-Lucy (GARL) algorithm with bilateral filtering (BF). In the blur kernel estimation stage, we show that an initial blur kernel, which is used for starting an alternating kernel refinement process, can be obtained from the blurred image with a quadratic regularization approach. In the non-blind image deconvolution stage, we exploit the information of image gradients and develop the GARL algorithm to alleviate the notorious ringing problem in the RL-based image restoration approach. Furthermore, the loss of image details due to the suppression of the ringing artifacts around the regions with strong edges is recovered with an incremental detail recovery procedure. The proposed framework is simple yet effective compared to previous statistical approaches. Experimental results on various real data sets are given to demonstrate the superior performance of the proposed algorithm over the previous methods.


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