Reconstructing 3D Shape, Albedo and Illumination from a Single Face Image

Shu-Fan WangShang-Hong Lai

Project summary

The morphable model has been employed to efficiently describe 3D face shape and the associated albedo with a reduced set of basis vectors. The spherical harmonics (SH) model provides a compact basis to well approximate the image appearance of a Lambertian object under different illumination conditions. Recently, the SH and morphable models have been integrated for 3D face shape reconstruction. However, the reconstructed 3D shape is either inconsistent with the SH bases or obtained just from landmarks only. In this project, we propose a geometrically consistent algorithm to reconstruct the 3D face shape and the associated albedo from a single face image iteratively by combining the morphable model and the SH model. The reconstructed 3D face geometry can uniquely determine the SH bases, therefore the optimal 3D face model can be obtained by minimizing the error between the input face image and a linear combination of the associated SH bases. In this way, we are able to preserve the consistency between the 3D geometry and the SH model, thus refining the 3D shape reconstruction recursively. Furthermore, we present a novel approach to recover the illumination condition from the estimated weighting vector for the SH bases in a constrained optimization formulation independent of the 3D geometry. Experimental results show the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed face reconstruction and illumination estimation algorithm under different face poses and multiple-light-source illumination conditions.

PG2008-1 PG2008-2

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Last updated on November, 24, 2010.