The System for Reconstructing 3D Shape and Expression Deformation from a Single Face Image

Shu-Fan WangShang-Hong Lai

Project summary

Facial expression modeling is central to facial expression recognition and expression synthesis for facial animation. In this work, we propose a manifold-based 3D face reconstruction approach to estimating the 3D face model and the associated expression deformation from a single face image. In the training phase, we build a nonlinear 3D expression manifold from a large set of 3D facial expression models to represent the facial shape deformations due to facial expressions. Then a Gaussian mixture model in this manifold is learned to represent the distribution of expression deformation. By combining the merits of morphable neutral face model and the low-dimensional expression manifold, a novel algorithm is developed to reconstruct the 3D face geometry as well as the 3D shape deformation from a single face image with expression in an energy minimization framework. To construct the manifold for the facial expression deformations, we also propose a robust weighted feature map (RWF) based on the intrinsic geometry property of human faces for robust 3D non-rigid registration. Experimental results on CMU-PIE image database and FG-Net video database are shown to validate the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed algorithm.

ECCV2008-1 ECCV2008-2 ECCV2008-3

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