Geometry Image Resizing and Mesh Simplification

Shu-Fan WangYi-Ling ChenChen-Kuo ChiangShang-Hong Lai

Project summary

Polygonal meshes are widely used to represent the shape of 3D objects and the generation of multi-resolution models has been a significant research topic in computer graphics. In this project, we demonstrate how to generate multi-resolution models through 2D image processing techniques. The goal of generating multi-resolution models is accomplished by resizing the corresponding geometry images of 3D models. By defining appropriate energy on 2D images reflecting the importance of 3D vertices, we propose a modified content-aware image resizing algorithm suitable for geometry images, which achieves the preservation of salient structures and features in 3D models as well. We evaluate various image resizing techniques and show experimental results to validate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.


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Last updated on November, 24, 2010.