Improved Novel View Synthesis from Depth Image with Large Baseline

Chia-Ming ChengShu-Jyuan LinShang-Hong LaiJinn-Cherng Yang
National Tsing Hua UniversityNational Tsing Hua UniversityNational Tsing Hua University Industrial Technology Research Institute


In this paper, a new algorithm is developed for recovering the large disocclusion regions in depth image based rendering (DIBR) systems on 3DTV. For the DIBR systems, undesirable artifacts occur in the disocclusion regions by using the conventional view synthesis techniques especially with large baseline. Three techniques are proposed to improve the view synthesis results. The first is the preprocessing of the depth image by using the bilateral filter, which helps to sharpen the discontinuous depth changes as well as to smooth the neighboring depth of similar color, thus restraining noises from appearing on the warped images. Secondly, on the warped image of a new viewpoint, we fill the disocclusion regions on the depth image with the background depth levels to preserve the depth structure. For the color image, we propose the depth-guided exemplar-based image inpainting that combines the structural strengths of the color gradient to preserve the image structure in the restored regions. Finally, a trilateral filter, which simultaneous combines the spatial location, the color intensity, and the depth information to determine the weighting, is applied to enhance the image synthesis results. Experimental results are shown to demonstrate the superior performance of the proposed novel view synthesis algorithm compared to the traditional methods.


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Last updated on November 25, 2010.