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Recently, school safety and security has become a great issue, many incidents have taken place in or near school or campus. By improving the current surveillance camera system, we can prevent and eliminate these unpleasant incidents.

Thus, we decide to implement a system that can help us detect human from surveillance camera, and make sure these possible suspects is not too close to restricted area. Once they invade the restricted area, our system can quickly notice their trespassing, and notify security to take action.

System Flow

We provide smart fast, and accurate solution for your surveillance system.

Object Detection

Using the cutting edge deep learning technique, we can easily capture object in the camera in a fast and compact way

Depth Estimation

By estimating the depth of object, we can know where the objects are, and thus can stop them from approaching restricted area.

Real-time on Embedded System

Working on an embedded system, it can be easily installed everywhere you want, and it provides real-time service such that you can response to any intruder in a swift and active way.


Where and how we build it.

Hardware Platform

Nvidia TX1

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  • Powerful
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Nice support for CV

Camera Device

Logitech C920

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  • High quality
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Portable
  • Autofocus


1. Perform object detection from images input

To perform the object detection task, we choose darknet as our deep learning framework, and build our detector based on their model yolo.

2. Depth estimation

In our final system, we choose the Bounding box approach due to some limitations of TX1 developement board. We will discuss the detail in the following subsection.

3. Alert when suspects are getting too close to restriced area.

the monitor screen will gradually turn red when object starts to get close to restricted area. This will attract security/guard’s attention, let them be able to monitor this possible intruder eariler.

(Disclaimer : The picture below is taken by We use it only to demo our system for academic purpose and we do not own the copyright of it.) Pred Hot pred


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